confused, stuck, afraid of change?

I’m dedicating this to anyone who might feel somewhat stuck or confused about the direction their life is going. I recorded this voice memo on 2/11/2016 but the people I have met this week compelled me to want to share this now. If you’re feeling like your job is not the right fit for you or perhaps you’re in a relationship that is no longer conducive to your growth, this audio clip is for you. It may even be that you have a great job and a healthy relationship but maybe you’re feeling like there’s something more you’re suppose to be doing. In this audio clip, I am sharing my own personal experience of how I learned to:

  • follow my heart
  • know that I am not alone in my journey
  • clear my space and be open to receive
  • accept that mistakes/failures are my teachers rather than my enemy

This is a very raw recording, I didn’t feel the need to sugar coat the process of growing because growth can sometimes come with new challenges. So I’m dishing it out to you, all the good, bad, and ugly! I hope my experiences resonates with you or perhaps it may benefit someone you know who might be going through something similar. If this message does resonate with you be sure to write in or leave a comment, that will prompt me to post part two of this audio!

Much love and prosperity to you all


“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.”

4 thoughts on “confused, stuck, afraid of change?

  1. I think most of us have been in those positions, and it’s what we do when we’re down that makes the difference in who we become in the future. Good for you for picking yourself up and changing your life!


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