Saturn and Pluto: destruction or progress?

img_2462I absolutely resonated with this piece from the book Understanding The Future by Lyn Birkbeck.

Unknowingly since 2014 I’ve traveled up..and back down these ladders so it is refreshing to see it explained in digestible bite-size pieces that make sense for even the novice astrological student.

Astrologically speaking different planets and their aspects or “relationship” can bring about different energies that affect us emotionally, spiritually, and even physically affect Earth. Some of these aspects can be harmonious while some can be tumultuous.

Lyn Birkbeck explains these ladders as number 1 is the most negative energy this astrological aspect can bring. Number 9 is the most positive energy we can gain from this astrological period. Read from bottom to the top (start with #9 and finish at #1)

But more importantly, Birkbeck, explains that “halfway up is the critical fifth step. If you can’t pass this one then you are bound to go down a ‘snake’ to the bottom and start all over again, or just keep stumbling up and down the first four steps – with the fourth being the worst – until you finally reach, and pass, that fifth step.”

The Collective Ladder represents how these energies affect the world as a whole. While the other ladder is based from an individual standpoint.

Ideally, you want to work your way up the ladder to maximize the positive energies during these astrological periods.

Have you ever consciously or in hindsight unconsciously found yourself on this ladder? What step are you on now? What advice can you give to someone who’s stuck on steps 1-4?

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