twentytwoclouds was created to inspire people to live in their most highest and truest forms. I use this platform as a tool to affirm people of the limitless opportunities they can attain by shifting their thoughts and belief system into a more positive uplifting direction. If you’re attracted to daily inspiring messages, travel, and all pleasures that are below & above the clouds, you’ll find twentytwoclouds has a host of information you will soon love. In addition, if you randomly found my page it was likely meant for you to receive this information, congratulations! I welcome you wholeheartedly.

The idea of starting this blog came to me in December 2015. I always had a love for writing since I was in the 3rd grade (and I still have all my embarrassing journals and folded up notes to prove it). In 2014, I created my first blog that started off strong but then weakened dramatically. Looking back I realized it did not succeed at the time because I was unsure of my true “niche and overly critical about the content I would post thus causing a block in my creativity. The way I see it now, writing for a personal blog should be from the heart so readers can feel what it is I’m writing about. After the demise of my first blog I carried on with my life as usual, still writing in my journal but not publishing anything. It wasn’t until after a dear friend came to me for advice in how they should approach a certain situation that I recognized my true calling. Ever since I could remember, friends and neighbors would seek me out for advice, guidance, or just a friendly listening ear. I’d like to think it’s the Pisces healing nature in myself, but I won’t show any favoritism (at least not yet). This friend reaching out to me was the catalyst that inspired me to set out to create an instrument to provide guiding information to the masses using my passions for writing and healing, that’s how twentytwoclouds was formed.

To keep myself replenished and open to receive creative inspiration I entertain myself with beginner yoga lessons, various types of dancing, healthy living cooking, authentic relating (AR) games and working on crafting my green thumb. My phone line is still open to dear friends and family who need a listening ear but if you also want to reach me please check out my contact page. Or if you’d like to just lay low and receive my positive messages as they come then please remember to follow my page for the most current up-to-date posts.

To get started, I recommend checking out these posts: what inspires you and quote 362.

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